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When Charts Tell Stories

Colorado Springs Independent

It’s somewhat shameful that it has been so long since I have looked at the US stock market. Given that I live overseas and have been focusing my energy on futures markets, shares have been at the back of my mind. However, I felt the need today to start the equity research up again. Naturally I started by reviewing the current industry leaders. Seeing that healthcare is at the top of the list, I started scanning the top performers for today, and something immediately jumped out and started telling me a hilarious story… (more…)


Being on the brink of a decision in Washington to either settle their petty squabble or allow the US to default for the first time in history, the currency markets are primed for volatility.  I find that the market typically provides clues as to which direction the prices may trend after the fact.  Sometimes, these clues can be misread, but they are certainly available. (more…)

Markets Predict Movement

This morning, the market made a clear prediction for how the AUD/USD pair would react to the RBA minutes release.  At the asia market open, we saw the pair rally through resistance levels set back on the 8th of October to a high of .95062.  A limit order at previous resistance opened the door to a 50 pip win in 3 short hours. (more…)

In Focus: EURAUD

The Euro looks poised to charge against the Aussie should it maintain its current support.  Looking to take partial profits at 1.448 and the remainder at 1.456. (more…)

Consider Style

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Choosing a style that matches your desired lifestyle is critical to having success as a trader. “Know Thyself”, as Socrates said, for we cannot wrestle with ourselves physically or emotionally and expect greatness.


FOMC Suspense

The Asian and European sessions were a yawn fest today as traders look ahead to the FOMC announcement.  Most anticipate the Fed to begin tapering, but Bernanke will want to avoid triggering major volatility across the markets. (more…)

Currency Highlight: USDCHF

The US Dollar continues to weaken against the Swiss Franc, creating a second new structure low at .9288 following its September 5th highs of .94506. Look for resistance test at .9337 as an opportunity to top up a short on the USDCHF currency pair. If resistance holds, look for a step down to .92579 and a possible continuation to .921. (more…)

Quantum Review: Equinix, Inc.

When trading, we can be our own worst enemy.  I have seen traders and brokers so caught up in the story and the belief that a stock will go higher, that they refuse to see evidence to the contrary.  Being wrong stings the ego, and we never want to admit it. (more…)

Quantum Buys: Equinix, Inc.

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As we build our watch lists and follow the charts for the stocks we like, it is always exciting to see a technical pattern begin to take shape.   I had been watching Equinix, Inc. closely as it appeared to be creating one of the first indicators I ever learned.

Stock: Equinix, Inc. (EQIX)
Price: $218.53
Buying: June 220 Calls at $18
Duration: 30 days max
Take Profits: $225 or higher


Quantum Review: Biogen

After closing a position, whether taking gains or cutting losses, it is always important to take a moment to review the trade and see what lessons can be uncovered.  Everything is clear in hindsight.  This post is a review of Quantum Buys: Biogen. (more…)

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